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Learn the whole Enchilada!
Beginner Potters Wheel 3 Week Series for Adults ages 18+
Located at the Art Spot in Silverthorne, CO
Wednesday Nights from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
$120 for 3 sessions
*Tickets are non refundable unless class canceled by the instructor.

This 3 week series is for serious students who want to learn the full process of pottery making. Pottery making is a multi step process that will be explained step by step in 3 weeks.
Week 1: basic fundamentals of throwing; centering, pulling up walls and conserving for next week
Week 2: trimming pots from week 1, surface decoration, adding handles to mugs and more practice throwing
Week 3: trimming pots, more practice throwing with shapes and a basic glaze overview

Ceramics is a multi step process and pieces will need to be dried and fired in the ceramic kiln and may take up to 2 weeks. Joining a later date glazing class is recommended to glaze and complete ceramic pieces. Glazing classes are every last Tuesday of the month. *Email the instructor prior to signing up for glazing class to ensure pots will be bisque fired ready for glazing.

Class takes place in the ceramic studio of the makerspace.


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